About Attorney Shawn A. Luiz

For over 20 years, attorney Shawn A. Luiz has been fighting for the people of Hawaii, adeptly representing individuals in employment, appeals and civil law matters. Mr. Luiz has a proven track record of success in litigation and is passionate about protecting the rights of his clients. Representing clients in many jury trials has prepared Mr. Luiz to effectively handle your case from beginning to end.

Aggressive Advocacy

From his offices in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, Mr. Luiz serves a wide range of clients and has built a reputation for aggressive and proactive representation. He has taken on complex cases involving large employers, government and other formidable entities. He wholeheartedly believes in advocating for employees and holding employers accountable.

Responsive Representation When You Need It

Some attorneys and law firms do not place an emphasis on customer service and answering questions. Mr. Luiz is committed to providing the best possible service for each client, placing priority on responding quickly and consistently. He knows that clients may have many questions about the details of their case or strategy. Mr. Luiz encourages these questions and takes pride in delivering skilled and solid advice about your concerns.

Improving The Community

Mr. Luiz is proud to have an impact on the community outside of the courtroom. He regularly participates in outreach programs to assist homeless families and is involved in various programs to build better communities. Mr. Luiz is committed to continued community involvement.

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When you are facing legal matters in employment, appeals or civil matters, having a trial-tested and experienced attorney by your side can make a drastic difference. You do not have to undergo these complex challenges alone. To discuss your case and learn more, call attorney Shawn A. Luiz at 808-518-2900 today or use our online contact form.