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Representing Hawaii’s workers to remedy unjust practices

If you are looking for legal representation in an unfair labor practices matter, contact Shawn A. Luiz Attorney at Law. We have the experience and expertise to provide you strong, precise and comprehensive advocacy. It is our aim to win every case, every time.

Striving to hold employers accountable for their wrongdoing

Years of working as an employment law attorney have resulted in our firm representing numerous Hawaiian workers in a variety of labor disputes. We are entirely familiar with the Hawaii Labor Relations Board (HLRB) and how to present your claim. It is unlawful for an employer in Hawaii to:

  • Interfere with two or more employees acting in concert to protect certain rights, whether or not a union exists
  • Dominate or interfere with the formation or administration of a labor organization
  • Discourage an employee from engaging in union activities or refraining from them
  • Discriminate against an employee for filing charges for unfair labor practices
  • Refuse to bargain with the union that is the lawful representative of its employees
  • Make, circulate, or cause to be circulated a blacklist

If your employer has taken any of the above actions or engaged in any other unfair labor practice, it is essential that you seek the aggressive and bold representation of a Honolulu employment attorney to assist you.

What remedies are available for an unfair labor practice claim?

Your goals are our goals, so when you pursue a Hawaii unfair labor practice claim, we make sure you know there are a variety of remedies available. Examples include:

  • An order requiring you to be reinstated if you were unfairly discharged
  • An order to the employer to pay you lost wages
  • An order requiring the employer to post, mail or read a notice to all workers of the outcome of your case
  • An order mandating the wrongdoer to cease engaging in the unfair labor practice

Whatever remedy you hope to be awarded, we conquer the procedural and substantive hurdles to get you there. We understand the law and handle state and federal claims. We are proud to provide you with insightful advice and sound logic as we pursue your unfair labor practices claim through the judicial system.

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