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Shawn A. Luiz Attorney at Law understands that it is stressful and overwhelming to lose your job. It is even more distressing when you are fired or laid off as the result of illegal action taken by your employer. We are here to help if your employer fired you in retaliation for exercising certain legal rights, in violation of public policy or on any other unlawful basis. We have been seeking compensation for Hawaii’s wrongfully terminated employees for over 20 years. Let us assist you with obtaining the compensation you are entitled to for your loss.

Providing comprehensive legal representation to employees

There are various protections provided under federal and state laws to Hawaii employees. As an experienced Honolulu employment lawyer, Attorney Luiz can assist you with several types of wrongful termination claims, including the following:

  • Discrimination: Federal and Hawaii state employment laws make it unlawful for employers to make decisions based solely on prohibited criteria, such as race, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin or citizenship. If your employer fires you based on any of these unlawful grounds, you may have a right to sue for wrongful termination due to discrimination.
  • Whistleblower Protection: There are both federal and state laws that protect employees that report certain unlawful or hazardous conduct by their employer. Whistleblower laws offer protection against retaliation or punishment if you report your employer for these types of illegal or unethical conduct.
  • Asserting a Legal Right: You have certain legal rights under a variety of state or federal laws and cannot be subjected to retaliation in the form of termination of employment for exercising those rights.  Examples of this type of right are: Serving in the military or on jury duty, reasonably exercising union rights or exercising rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

What if you weren’t actually fired?

Even if you were not actually fired, you may still have a claim for wrongful termination if your employer acted unlawfully. If your employer made the work environment so hostile or unfair that you were forced to quit, it may constitute “constructive termination.” You need an experienced Honolulu employment attorney to help you successfully prove your claim of constructive termination.

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