Aggressive Hawaii Appeals Lawyer Works to Overturn Court Errors

Experienced advocate challenges adverse rulings to protect clients’ rights

A loss in court can be devastating, but it is not always the final result. At Shawn A. Luiz, Attorney at Law in Honolulu, I draw on over 20 years of experience filing strong appeals for people who have been harmed by  the incorrect application of law during civil trials. Whether the error occurred with an evidentiary ruling, a jury instruction or some other legal determination, I have the knowledge to find it and the diligence to press the case effectively in state or federal court. Do not let yourself or a loved one suffer the consequences of a judge’s mistake. I will fight to reverse the injustice.

Powerful Honolulu law firm files appeals in civil cases

As a vigorous defender of my clients’ fundamental rights, I file strong appeals when those rights have been infringed by:

  • Legal errors — Judges make numerous consequential legal decisions during a trial. Usually, these rulings are handed down instantaneously to keep things moving. Often, decisions are not based on current law, and one small mistake can alter the eventual verdict. If you believe a judge has erred in his or her ruling, you have a fundamental right to a thorough review of that ruling by an appeals court.
  • Insufficient evidence — In some cases, a jury makes a factual determination that is not supported by evidence. This type of plain error can be triggered by prejudice or ignorance of the legal standards involved. I will evaluate what was presented at trial and determine whether reasonable appeal grounds exist.
  • New information — Scientific advances, including post-conviction DNA testing, and increased public attention have brought to light the disturbing frequency of wrongful convictions. If relevant new information arises relating to your civil matter, my firm can move immediately to have it considered.

If you have been wrongfully defeated in court, you deserve immediate action to help reverse the ruling as quickly as possible. I will review your trial transcript and any additional information you provide to determine if appealable flaws occurred.

Knowledgeable counselor battles to reverse incorrect decisions

Though many trial errors are acknowledged, decisions often stand because the appeals court believes that no harm resulted from them. With my experience and background, I can drive home how a judge’s mistake had a consequential impact on the trial. In some cases, my firm can identify a fundamental error that does not just affect one aspect of the trial but completely destroys the fairness of the proceeding. There are limits as to what can be appealed. Litigants who request a certain action at trial, such as a specific jury instruction, cannot then appeal if they feel that action was legally flawed. Likewise, you might not be able to have your appeal considered if a relevant objection was not entered at trial.

Lawyer provides strong assistance throughout the appellate process

I am a dedicated advocate for each client, fighting at every step for a just result on their behalf. In state cases, my firm files initial appeals with the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals and appears before their three-judge panel when oral argument is granted. If your case is not won there, I can bring the matter to the Supreme Court of Hawaii if there is a reasonable likelihood of success in that forum. For federal suits, appeals are directed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, headquartered in San Francisco, and, after that, the United States Supreme Court. No matter where we file your appeal, I remain a passionate defender of your rights.

Contact an experienced Hawaii appellate lawyer to fight for your rights

When you need an experienced appellate attorney who is trial-tested and passionate about seeking justice, Shawn A. Luiz, Attorney at Law is ready to help. My firm represents Hawaii clients in appeals. Please call 808-518-2900 or contact me online to schedule a meeting at my Honolulu office.